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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Arguing with Nick makes me sick. I'm not sure if he purposely twists what I have to say around into me sounding like I'm constantly nagging him, and purposely puts himself down so that I'll (of course, always) contradict him, but it's impossible to have an argument with him without my grievances being taken seriously. I know I may not be the most perfect person to argue with, but I feel like at least I don't try to convince him that I'm an idiot so that, in the end, he forgets about his problem and then feels guilty for even having brought it up.

Every single thing that has bothered me that I've told him about emotionally has not gotten resolved and has ended with him blaming it on his stupidity.

He's a bloody philosophy professor. He's not stupid. I'm sick of that excuse.

I don't know what to do. I feel like somehow he is degrading my feelings, not taking them seriously or something. Even him telling me I'm wrong is preferable to it turning into the "put down Nick" hour.

I am starting to feel like nothing in this relationship ends with happiness--it's always guilt for both parties.

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