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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Summer Plans

This summer, this baby is getting revamped.
1. Continue documenting my crafting odyssey as I finish Style School. And, if someone sweet gives me 60 bucks, I might also take Summer School. (I know I totally dropped off the radar, but hi! hello! comps! Graduating from graduate school!)
2. Posting the occasional outfit post. I am under no illusions about how interesting my outfits are, but there are some challenges through wardrobe remix that might be fun to document.
3. Reviewing the books I plan to read this summer. I want to get through AT LEAST the 2009 or 10 (whichever is the latest announced, at this point) Hugo, Locus, Nebula, and World Fantasy nominated books.
4. Talking about the joint etsy venture my mom and I are embarking on this summer. We started shrieking with excitement a lot this afternoon when planning it, but I think maybe we'll do vintage things. And clothes. And crochet some stuff. Maybe sew some stuff. Also steampunk jewelry. So, in essence, all of it.
5. Documentation of Fun Free(ish) Summer of 2010. Mama has a 25 hour a week job, sooooooo.
6. Promotion of the Center for the Study of Science Fiction, for which I am the coordinator. whee aboutsf.com whee
7. Talk about my novels/stories/writing goals/hangups/other thing to create balance in this sentence. I am always plugging away at short stories but also have my family saga to write (whoa) and an SF novel to produce!

Or maybe I'll update again in early 2011. Who knows!
Anyway, I have a 10-12er to write before I finish grade school. Later.

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