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Monday, June 22, 2009

An attempt at more regular updating

I've just returned home from a whirlwind weekend in San Antonio with my mother--literally just returned, as Nick and I left Cabot around 4 am so we could both be at work by 12ish. Yuck. My mother is on a scrapbook forum that she's been talking and posting to excitedly for years, and was apprehensive about meeting them alone, so I came with her.

We had a blast, although after everyone's husbands began popping up cautiously at the shop where the crop was occurring I began to miss Nick. I made ten scrapbook pages, made a lot of new chums, and have decided to sign up for the forum now. The people were great, and I love scrapbooking, but it's also a great way to keep in touch with what is important in my mother's life--I miss her, and sometimes 500 miles feels a hell of a lot longer away.

Me and Mom:

me and my dd

I returned to work today to find out we're having an anime festival tomorrow (I can't bleedin' believe it's the end of June already!). I've been researching how to make candy sushi for a snack/project, and have found a couple good ideas here and here. We'll be gettin' crafy with our fruit roll-ups. It's sort of a pain to return to work from a mini-vacation, but I have pretty swank jobs...although remind me that I need to start working on my syllabus for fall soon, please. I'm teaching Intro to Fiction for the first time and have five novels, one graphic novel, and a cute chubby baby book of theory I'm using, but have no idea how they'll fit together yet. Frankly I'd rather be embossing or felting or something at the moment, but reality beckons.

Speaking of ominous portents that I have a world external to crafting, Nick and I have moved into a gorgeous new house, closer both to the downtown and to the university here in Lawrence, so I can walk easily to either of my jobs. It's the bottom floor of a 100 year house, and has two bedrooms, an office, walk-in closets, a window seat, a dishwasher, a clawfoot bathtub...I adore all the amenities, but it means twice the cleaning, sweeping, and unpacking that my bitty one-bedroom-with a loft apartment required. (Not that I did much of that cleaning, either!) I'll post pictures as soon as I get me some, which won't happen until the mother isn't covered in filth and misplaced baggies of jeans.

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