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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I enjoyed the Van Halen hour the best <3

I think I shall resort to using cocaine to lose weight.

Today I am slouching about after recovering from a three-day trip to check out the important things in Florida for my wedding--you know, the beach, the various specialties of alcoholic beverage available, even the casino--which, I might add, was the opposite of lucrative. Nick and I drove down Friday and when I wasn't passing out/wanting to pass out, it was fun. We ate at ridiculously priced restaurants, gambled for the first time, thought a combined total of three thoughts while sprawled on the sand and in the ocean, and had troubles using the bathroom the entire time. We also found out information about marriage licenses, talked to the notary marrying us, procured our vows and addresses, and checked out the fooking gorgeous wedding site, so it wasn't all joy, but oh wait, it was.

As a result of all this hard work, all I've done today is mess about the computer, eat grilled meat to my heart's content, and attend one grueling section of PiYo (Pilates yoga, oh my!) I think I'm developing a straight crush on my instructor, Charlotte. I grunted and rolled about with my mere but I think I feel my abs tightening already. Maybe cocaine is superfluous after all.

I think my identity is shedding its skin and that just I am left here, and I'm currently discarding all of my outer trappings. I don't know how much I like this, but it seems inevitable to my maturation and at least explains my debilitating depression. Even my own face looks different--my face has filled out, and I've not gained any weight; I think it's just me looking less youthfully adorable.

And hence I want to spend lots of money on clothes. Nothing like an existential crisis to promote the purchase of outward manifestations of personality :)

I post Florida pics when I get them tomorrow!

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