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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 1 and then some: Style File collecting

Although I am still off to a rather rocky start, some things are progressing. Nick and I spent most of our Monday busily trying to track down supplies for the projects for this week. Two of them involve sewing, so we hit up Sarah's, an amazing fabric store on Mass Street, and got an amazingly expensive amount of cloth for an apron, a covered sketchbook, and then whatever random things I need scraps for. This, although incredibly exciting aesthetically, is not something I can continue doing: I dropped 75 bucks alone at the fabric store before even heading over to Michael's. But oh, I'm just in love with what I got.

This material is for my apron:

And this is for my sketchbook. I'm quite iffy about the checked felt, but I did love it inexplicably when I first saw it. {And yes, I'll have a kitchen-themed sketchbook).

Most expensive was this set of nautical themed 10x10 inch material which I am forever and ever amen in love with:

But not all is lost. I have made my style file with pieces of scrapbook paper, mainly from my lovely Studio Calico kits, but it's also full of pieces with excellent patterning that I've always found too busy to scrap with. It's a bit haphazard and full of brown, but at this point, I suppose that's exactly how I'd describe my aesthetic. In fact, that's one of my style goals: stop being so messy and so brown!

Unfortunately, laser printers, while contributing meaningfully to academia, do not work as well when trying to print out pictures of clothes, nail polishes, vintage campers, and Pyrex, so my style file is still pretty empty. And empty it shall likely remain, because of my final problem: School starts Thursday! I begin teaching Friday! I've selected books I'm too stupid to teach! I start my comps reading Thursday! I have 81 ATCs I need to mail out tomorrow and I've only done 54! I have my Marx reading club tomorrow night! I had to return things to Anthropologie today! I work Friday and Sunday this week!

In other words, the largest pile-up of responsibility humanly possible has accumulated this week. I WILL catch up, although hopefully it'll be cheaper in the future. I have a partner, Crissy, whom I'm supposed to be impressing (or at least supposed to be cheerleading), and I need to catch up!

Next blog will (hopefully) feature a more completed style file, a wreath, and perhaps some pretty wall art.

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