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Saturday, February 21, 2009

BIG cylons :)

The purchase of a shiny new 32" Dynex television--which I swore I'd never need, but it's really damn hard to play Wii tennis on a 16" TV--was marred by our trip today to the emergency room. Nick got a temporary cap on a halfway completed root canal something like 13 years ago--literally half his life earlier--and today, struck with terror at the thought of getting septicemia, woke me from a nap to go to the hospital. One of his former students, Millie (fortunately, according to him, an A student!) got us taken care of, told him to get to a damn dentist, and loaded him up with hydrocodone. As a result, he's downstairs busily destroying our living room for this monstrosity of a TV. If you've ever been to our place, you realize that 32" is 16/17ths of our living room.

I know 32" is comparably modest, particularly since that glut of 42" for a thousand bucks happened a few Christmases ago, but I just don't watch that much TV. Lost, sure, ok; Heroes, when I can be convinced that the episode won't be as inane as its predecessors. (I'm always disappointed, by the way). I do like to watch sci-fi shows by the series and have a religious respect for Battlestar Galactica*, which will be perfectly gorgeous. But I remember once, after having a fallout with my mother, I stayed with Linda at her sister Jennifer's house for awhile and watching some TNG with her brother in law and thinking "Not as if I'll ever be able to afford that, but why they hell is this necessary?" But I co-habitate with a technophile, so I'm not complaining--I'm just surprised.

I have so much grading to do this weekend it's not as if I'll be able to look at the TV, anyway. My students turned in their first unit papers last week and since I turned into Snot Monster around Valentine's Day I haven't given the stack a glance, but my day of reckoning is near. I have an interesting and spirited group of kids this semester, anyway, so their papers will be fairly interesting, but anything from reading to cleaning to going to the emergency room feels more preferable than that. I slept until eleven this morning, since the philosophy boys came over and we went to the Bourgeois Pig at 2ish...time to stop updating and start working.

*DON'T YOU DARE SAY ANYTHING. I watched about half the third season, and now in order we're halfway through the second season, but websites always feel fit to mention, you know, Adama strapped a bomb to himself after making out with Apollo and shoving a Cylon baby in his arms--but not all of us are on season four yet!

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