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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day two: Wall art part one, and Interim: Vintage Shopping

Here is part one of my wall art. It was quick, fun, cute, and I made it easily while my friend crocheted next to me and a favorite episode of TNG played (a two-parter, but still). I have a vaguely nautically themed bedroom with red, white, blue, and yellow accents, so I made a mobile of me, Nick, my sister, and my brother with his girlfriend.

Gentlemen, behold!

Also, can I just say that I *adore* Lawrence Antique Mall? I went shopping for Week 2 supplies (ha.ha.ha) this weekend and found the following treasures:

A beautiful starburst clock (arms need reattaching, fingers crossed that it still works!)

A really versatile 70s skirt that fits like a charm

Adorable 60s springy dress (take that, overpriced Modcloth)

This pretty trivet

Melamine cups still in their packaging

Material for my quote embroidery pillow (You cant make it out but it's orange, yellow, and blue)

A crewel piece to add to my vintage wall (after I just bought one on etsy, dammit)

The final piece to the pyrex set that I needed

OH AND DID I MENTION THIS TURQUOISE AND MUSTARD REFURBISHED HOOSIER CABINET THAT WAS ONLY 120 BUCKS. No, I don't think I did. I almost passed out when I saw it and then again when I saw how cheap it was. I don't think I've ever found a piece of furniture I've loved so much and I now have a craft table in my library, after shifting two books around.

Next time: the other piece of wall art, a toolbelt craft apron (IF I can figure out how to make my sewing machine work)

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