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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Project 1: Faux Vintage Brooch Wreath

Well, a week later and I've finally finished a project. (Hey, it was the first week of class!) Plus making a yarn-wrapped wreath is a lot more time consuming than I had expected. I think my flowers look a little goofy, and my nails prevented me from sewing the buttons onto the flowers the way I liked, but overall I'm pretty pleased. I made it to match this yarn painting I found in Hot Springs, AR, at a flea market, and eventually I'd like to make the whole wall full of fun vintage stuff. (My yarne was vintage ombre stuff, as you can probably tell, that I found in my town's thrift store).


Wreath detail:

Wreath, in wall context:

Nails of great impracticality:

Oh, and I shouldn't forget to mention that also keeping my house trashed and my time full was the process of making EIGHTY-ONE ATCs. Seriously. I have no idea what came over me. Proof!

Ah well. Everything is getting caught up, and I even have a long weekend to work on it. I also added a few pages to my style file:

That's my cover page; I'll upload more later. Next entry will be a couple cute pieces of wall art: one for my bedroom, and one for a different living room wall.

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